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Appointments and Prescriptions

Scheduling Appointments
We see patients by appointments only. When you call, we will always attempt to accommodate your appointment needs. If you need to be seen on the same day as your call, we will first attempt to have your own physician fit you into the day’s schedule. If we are unable to do so, we will offer you an appointment with on of our other physicians or our nurse practitioner.

It is our policy to attempt to contact you the day before your scheduled appointment as a courtesy reminder, but it is your responsibility to reschedule if you are unable to keep your appointment.

Missed Appointments
To better serve all of our patients, we ask that you call the office 24 hours in advance if you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment. In this way, we may offer your visit time to another patient who may need to be seen that day. There is a MISSED APPOINTMENT FEE of $40.00 charged for appointments not canceled with 24-hour's notice. This fee will be waived if a phone call is received in the specified timeframe or if documentation of an emergency can be provided. Should you arrive more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, you may experience a wait to see your physician or find your physician unable to see you because of other patient and time constraints.

If scheduled appointments are repeatedly missed without notifying our office, you may be asked to find a new physician. This decision is entirely your physician’s to make.

Prescriptions and Refills
For new prescriptions called in to a local pharmacy, please leave your request on the voice mail system of your physician’s nurse assistant. Please provide the pharmacy name and phone number, medication name and dosage.

For written prescriptions, please inform us if you intend to pick the prescription up or if you wish it mailed to you. Again we will need the medication name and dosage.

Voicemail and Message Callbacks
Each physician has a full-time nursing assistant who has a voicemail system available during business hours. All of our receptionists are able to connect you to the appropriate message mailbox. This voicemail system is designed to aid you in leaving information for your physician, or requesting help for a medical problem that may or may not require an appointment. The messages are answered several times a day, and calls are returned by priority and urgency of the situation. (Example: a patient complaining of cold symptoms will be contacted sooner than someone requesting a report of their lab work.) It is important that you spell your name and leave a phone number where you can be directly reached.

Do not leave emergency messages on the voicemail system !!!

For scheduling a routine appointment, please speak with our receptionist. Any calls left on the nursing assistant’s voicemail for routine appointments will be transferred back to our front desk for scheduling.